D.F. Don Cooper Pen Name

As I become less involved in the daily farm operations, I will follow my passion for writing about my life starting with my birth in Milwaukee. How I achieved my childhood dream to become a farmer just like my ancestors from Germany were. I had to wear many other hats in order to succeed. Dairy farming has been “our way of life,” for many years. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my cows helping their babies into the world and working outdoors planting and harvesting the crops they need. I truly enjoyed the wonder that surround me wild animals sc out of my way is under contract through the field esus was at my side guiding me through seemingly impossible trials and tribulations that could’ve ended my career many times. while I was a dairy farmer building up a very fine herd of registered Holstein cows and young stock . I wrote many Christian songs and recorded two albums with some of of my songs along with some of our favorite old hymns written in the style I want to emulate. I began writing poetry after I decided there are already so many songs in the style that I like to write, written by very fine authors . my First book of poetry “From the Heart of Of an Old Famer” is mostly about our farm and our love of Jesus and lyrics to my songs. “How a City Boy Became a Farmer” the beginning of a trilogy, “The Rocky Road to Farm Ownership” is in its final editing stages ais ready to print, the next book “Our Way of Life it’s Ups and Downs” is near completion.

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