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About the author

Don & Ruth Cooper

Don was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He spent as much time as he could on a farm in his youth, the Mertz farm, owned by his mother’s cousin, Armand (Wimpy) Mertz. His preparation for the life of a dairy farmer began on that Washington County farm in the Town of Wayne.

The experiences on that farm etched in his heart the desire to become a dairy farmer. That fact must have been a tragedy to his Grandma Jonas who had her heart set on a life as a Christian Pastor for Don. She would be pleased to know about Don’s Christian music ministry.

He met Ruth in 1956. They married in June 1957, tested milk for a few years. Rented a Waukesha county farm, and purchased a registered herd of Holstein cows. They purchased Cooperhaven Farm, In Sheboygan County, in 1968, raised their 6 children there and developed an outstanding herd of purebred Holsteins. The herd was sold in March, 1998.

Don started making up songs to sing with the kids while doing farm chores. He answered an ad for a song contest in Nashville in 1975, writing “Gramma’s Tattered Bible” and “He Gave Us Jesus” for the competition. He didn’t become a star, but has been writing and sharing his God- given songs since.

He has recoded 2 albums,” We Have A Friend” and “Jesus Is The Only Way To Heaven”. Unable to break into the commercial music business, he began to write poetry. He has self published “From The Heart of an Old Farmer vol.1 & vol.2”, “How a City Boy Became a Farmer”, Has written it’s sequel “The Rocky Road to Farm Ownership” and this book of poetry and song lyrics “From the Heart of an Old Farmer vol.3”.

Don is pleased that The Lord has inspired him to write, and is happy to be able to share it with you.

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