A Warm Summer Day

How could we ask for a nicer summer, we just experienced one string of days in the 80s, and a couple of days 90 or better, but there always seemed to be a nice breeze.
All you had to do is find a shady spot and things were fine. Well I guess that’s easy to say for people that are in her 80s and don’t have to work outdoors in the blazing sun,
but it is certainly been a blessing to us and we thank God for summer.

What a beautiful summer day;
warm, but not unbearably hot and humid.
The songbirds form a lovely chorus;
a Symphony of all their individual songs.
They seem excitedly happy today;
Orioles never stayed with us a long before.
The other varieties are too numerous to mention,
but their vast array of colors is a spectacular sight.
As the each seek their turn at the feeders.

The numerous shades of green among the trees
are a glorious sight to behold,
tremendously impacting this day,
never more obvious before.
Perhaps my perception was never this great;
even the crops seem to be smiling today.
step into a corn field- you can hear it grow;
as it reaches toward the sky.
Soybeans are showing a spurt of growth;
all the crops are forecasting excellent yields.

Today, I am content! I wish everyone could feel the same.
Thank you, Lord!

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