A Dear Old Friend

I was preparing for my January Praise and Worship service at the Fond du Lac Lutheran Home. Most of the folks were already lined up in their wheel chairs waiting to participate in songs, scripture and prayer. I heard an old familiar voice coming from the hallway leading to the sunroom where we meet each month. I hope this guy is the Don Cooper I know” a faint voice exclaimed. She was wheeled into the room by the nurse’s aid, and placed in the front row right in front of my table where I was preparing to start our service. “It is you” Lucy exclaimed when she saw who I was. “If I could get out of this wheel chair, I would give you a great big hug!

“You don’t have to get up Lucy” I said as I walked over to her wheelchair and bent over to give her the hug she wanted to give me. “You don’t know how happy I am to see you” she said. “I’m sorry that I can’t walk and talk like I could before I had this darned stroke, but I can’t wait until we can start singing together as we once did.” Lucy and I had met back in the 1980s, when we were members of the Fond du Lac Community Theater and participated in many musical performances, and sang and danced and even had a glass of beer together after the many rehearsals and performances we attended.

“Jesus Loves Me”, “In the Garden”, “Jesus is the Only Way to Heaven” and many other old favorites about Jesus and Heaven, and many familiar scripture verses later, after enjoying her smiling face during the whole service, it was time to say goodbye. I always finish my service with a prayer, a benediction and a verse of “May The Good Lord bless and Keep You” and after telling them that I hope to see them again next month, but in case I don’t see them here again on earth, I look forward to meeting them in Heaven. If you get there before me, watch for me. If I get there first I will watch for you and we’ll be singing together at Jesus’ feet with all our loved ones who are waiting for us there.

Lucy died Feb 7, 2010. At her wake I discovered that the nurse’s aid who brought her to the service was Lucy’s own grand daughter. Lucy had been a resident of the home for several months but didn’t know about my vesper type services until that day when she was asked if she wanted to sing with Don Cooper today. She was anxious to know if I was someone from her past. I wish that I would have known that she was at the home so I could have at least visited with her before that day, but I really was looking forward to seeing her at the February service. I didn’t know that my parting words would be so prophetic.

I am thankful that we had that last meeting together and that it was such a joy for both of us. This was another of the precious days which the Lord has granted me, to be with the friends He has given me the privilege of sharing our faith together. It is a humbling experience.

Lucy LeMieux will be missed by her relatives and the many friends she volunteered with while working with most of the Fond du Lac area service organizations.

Bound For Heaven


We live in the land of the dying; bound for the land of the living.

Dying can cause much sighing; in Heaven is eternal thanksgiving.

On earth we strive to do our best, to live, to love and leave our mark;

We work and play to pass the test in daylight hours and when it’s dark.

Our future is in Heaven above, that beautiful place beyond compare.

Angels, disciples, folks we’ve loved, prophets and teachers are living there

The streets are paved with purest gold, the entrance graced with pearly gates

We only know what the Bible told; we trust what it tells us about our fate.

There’s no need to ponder the things that will be.

God knows; that’s all that matters; for you and for me!

Nov 1 2009

D.F. Cooper


Excerpts from Revelation:

REV 4:1 KJV I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven:

12:10 KJV And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; KJV

(The Bible shows God’s pathway He’ll lead us to our home

Jesus tells us plainly that He’s the only way

He wants to be our council our mentor our Savior and our guide)

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